Strayed Is A Rust-Inspired VR Multiplayer Survival Game On Quest & Steam

Rust-inspired VR multiplayer survival game ‘Strayed’ reaches Quest App Lab and Steam Early Access today.

Developed by Crustacean Interactive, Strayed takes place on a procedurally generated island where you begin with a rock and torch. Featuring base building, crafting and loot gathering, Strayed supports dedicated servers for a maximum of 100 concurrent players with weekly wipes. There’s also PvP combat with guns and melee weapons where you can defend against raids or take the fight to others.

According to the Steam FAQ, Strayed will remain in early access for “approximately one year,” and the launch build includes all of the game’s main features. Crustacean Interactive states that during the early access period, they will use onboard feedback to improve the core gameplay. Additional content like new areas, weapons, animals, vehicles and more are also planned.

Strayed is available today on the Meta Quest platform and Steam today for $19.99. Pico 4 and PSVR 2 versions are planned “by the end of 2024,” and you can learn more through the early access roadmap.