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An Inclusive Dialogue about AI

At the heart of MKAI is our dedication to advancing AI with a conscience. We believe in a future where AI serves as a catalyst for positive change, innovation, and ethical progress.
Understanding that each organisation has its distinct challenges and opportunities, we specialise in creating unique AI programmes, consultations and pathways for our clients. Our aim is to empower leaders with the knowledge and tools to leverage AI effectively, ethically and safely.

MKAI Offerings

MKAI offers a range of strategic services tailored to your organisation’s needs:

  • Expert-Led Workshops: Engage with AI ethics experts in sessions designed to challenge and expand your team’s understanding of AI.
  • Stakeholder Roundtables: Bring together diverse groups within your organisation to discuss and align on AI strategies.
  • Public Engagement Forums: Connect with the wider community to gain a broader perspective on how your AI initiatives are perceived and can be improved.
  • Customised Dialogue Series: Develop a series of discussions focused on specific AI topics relevant to your organisation’s mission and objectives.

Words from our Founder

"At MKAI, we approach strategic consulting with a deep sense of responsibility and humility. We understand the complexities and nuances of AI and are committed to guiding our clients through this intricate landscape. We listen attentively to your unique needs, aiming to craft strategies that are not only innovative but also deeply attuned to the ethical dimensions of technology."
Richard Foster-Fletcher
Executive Chair,
Collaborative Exploration

Embark on a journey of discovery with MKAI. Our collaborative approach ensures your team is equipped and ready to navigate the evolving landscape of AI. Together, we'll uncover the opportunities AI presents, tailored specifically to your objectives.

Ethical Commitment

Ethics at the core. With MKAI, delve into the ethical dimensions of AI, ensuring transparency, inclusion, and responsible governance. Our commitment to ethics is unwavering, guiding you towards a future where AI is used responsibly and beneficially.

The Unique MKAI Approach

MKAI is renowned for its unique approach in providing AI advisory services and skills development programs, specifically tailored to meet the nuanced needs of our clients. Our method is collaborative and investigative, focusing on working alongside our partners to navigate the complexities and opportunities of AI in a way that aligns with their distinct educational and community objectives.

We are dedicated to fostering a deep understanding and inclusivity throughout our partnership. Our interactions are thoughtfully designed to facilitate a productive and supportive environment where ideas can be exchanged openly, potential risks can be identified collaboratively, and a consensus on essential principles and strategies can be reached. Through engaging dialogues and shared activities, we ensure that all involved parties gain a nuanced understanding of AI’s impacts and possibilities, with a strong emphasis on ethical considerations, transparency, inclusion, and effective governance.

Our commitment is to work hand-in-hand with our client’s to ensure a thorough and ethically aligned understanding and implementation of AI. This approach is fundamental to fostering a culture of responsible and innovative AI use that benefits the entire organisation.

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What People Say About MKAI

“I was very excited to be working with MKAI. Their team shares my vision of purposely introducing new technologies to business leaders. Through our work together it was remarkable to see the number of new business opportunities that arose by connecting advanced engineering experts with the practical uses cognitive technologies in the right environment ​
Roz Bird
Former Commercial Director at MEPC
"Working alongside MKAI has been an enlightening experience for the Institute of Internal Communication. Their depth of knowledge in ethical AI practices has been invaluable in the development of our whitepaper. It is a significant step in fostering responsible practices in our rapidly evolving field."
Jennifer Sproul
Chief Executive at Institute of Internal Communication
“NCST is happy to see this engagement between and the institutions, organisations and companies of Malawi. Artificial Intelligence is a key technology for the country's economic and environmental development and we are pleased to support initiatives of this nature. There is much we can do together when we collaborate.”
Gift A. Kadzmira
Director of Documentation and Information Services NCST, Malawi