Stranger Things Is Getting An Official VR Game In 2023

The popular Netflix show makes its way to VR next year.

VR developer Tender Claws (The Under Presents, Virtual Virtual Reality 2) is teaming up with Netflix to launch Stranger Things VR, an officially licensed VR game based on the hit streaming series. Coming next year to major VR platforms, the psychological horror-action game will have you playing the role of season four’s main antagonist, Vecna.

According to Tender Claws, Stranger Things VR will allow you to experience the show from a “never-before-seen perspective.” In addition to exploring unknown realities, you’ll also invade the dreams of fan-favorite characters, battle humans and creatures using telekinetic abilities, and form the hive mind as you help Vecna plan his revenge against Eleven and Hawkins.

“We are awed that we get to live within the Stranger Things universe and dive into the rich inner worlds of its characters through Tender Claws’ unique approach to nested worlds and immersive dreamscapes,” said Tender Claws directors Samantha Gorman and Danny Cannizzaro in an official statement. “As fans, we want this game to be very special and we are energized by the support and enthusiasm we’ve received from Netflix and the Stranger Things creative team.”

Stranger Things VR is set to launch on “major VR platforms” in Winter 2023. No word yet on an official price, but we can probably expect more information in the coming months. For more information, visit

Image Credit: Netflix

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