Steam Next Fest Adds PC VR Demos For Metal: Hellsinger, Astro Hunters & More Today

Steam Next Fest returns today with a new selection of PC VR demos.

Marking 2024’s second Steam Next Fest following February’s event, we’ve found 24 PC VR games currently available. The biggest highlight is Metal: Hellsinger VR, a rhythm shooter that involves moving and killing demons to the rhythmic beat. There’s also Subside, an underwater exploration game we previously praised for feeling “intuitive and realistic,” alongside Astro Hunters and On Point.

There might be further PC VR games taking part in Steam Next Fest, though Steam only showed us what we’ve listed below. That includes some returning titles from February’s event, like Lushfoil Photography Sim and Jarpug, though most of these are new games. Some demos may not be available yet but for now, here’s the full list of PC VR demos:

A Hunter’s TaleAstro Hunters VRD-Day VR MuseumEvilspunkFight or Flight VRForge & Fortune VRFrenzy BloodHaele 3D – Portrait Studio LiteJarpugLift: The Last Days of The WestwindLushfoil Photography SimMasternoidMetal: Hellsinger VRMinimally InvasiveOn PointPhantom BoundPirates VR: Jolly RogerReptile Park VRRune Bender VRSecurity ControlSlingshot TripSubsideTyping SimulatorXWarShooterVR

Steam Next Fest ends on June 17 at 10am PT.