Starship Home Shows New Mixed Reality Gameplay On Quest 3

A new trailer shows the Quest 3 exclusive Starship Home in more detail than we’ve ever seen it before.

Doug North Cook’s new label Creature showed up in a big way to the UploadVR Summer Showcase, revealing an eye-catching new look at mixed reality gameplay Laser Dance from Thomas Van Bouwel and a first look at the full version of orchestral conducting experience Maestro from France-based Double Jack. The group also revealed the December release date on SteamVR for intense visual and audio project Thrasher from Puddle, following simultaneous release next month on Quest and Vision Pro.

With Starship Home, Creature is taking a home-grown approach to its work exploring mixed reality game design with Mark Schramm leading engineering for the group (after doing the same for Superhot VR). The project also includes the art direction of Ashley Pinnick, who previously worked on Tilt Brush and Color Space among many others.

Creature is trying to achieve with Starship Home’s mixed reality “something that feels as close to the first wave of VR games on Vive,” North Cook told UploadVR. “This isn’t dozens of hours of gameplay, but it’s something fundamentally new and paves the way for a new type of game that can be made.”

In the new trailer shared for the Summer Showcase, Creature shows how the game turns your whole house into a starship transporting you to alien environments.


Starship Home is available for pre-order today, with the trailer showing airlock concepts for sending tools out into the cosmos and bringing back samples into your starship. “Heal plants” is listed as an objective in the trailer, with watering these strange life forms shown elsewhere. Overall, it’s looking like more than 40 years after Steven Spielberg’s E.T. came out, players will be able to feel what it was like to jump on that starship and explore universal flora.

We’ll have more details about Starship Home soon.