Star Wars Battlefront 2 VR Mod In Development

A new mod brings the hit multiplayer shooter to life on VR headsets.

A modder going by the name of Ifansnek is currently in the development of an unofficial VR mod for 2017’s Star Wars Battlefront 2. First reported by PCGamesN, the mod reportedly features full VR support—including motion controls—promising more immersive sci-fi battles.

“This is not Vorpx. This is not some trick to make the game feel like VR. This is a full VR mod I’m making using C++ and function hooking,” said Ifansnek.

Based on the videos provided, it appears as though we’re in for a serious treat. EA’s 2017 remake is easily one of the most visually impressive games of the last few years. In addition to the single-player campaign, the game features epic 64-player battles set across famous locations throughout the Star Wars universe.

Ifansnek is currently accepting submissions for alpha testers via Discord. Those interested can request access now. The mod is still very much a work in progress, however, so expect a few bugs as Ifansnek continues to work out the kinks.

The developer also recommends avoiding multiplayer as you risk being banned by EA. That said, you can attempt to use the Kyber servers or simply stick to single-player battles against AI.

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Image Credit: EA

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