Stalker-Inspired VR Shooter Into The Radius 2 Hits Steam Early Access This Summer

Into The Radius 2 gets its first trailer before the STALKER-inspired VR sequel reaches Steam Early Access this Summer.

Developed by CM Games, the upcoming Into The Radius sequel was first announced last year when the studio confirmed “a second chapter” had entered pre-production. Set in the Pechorsk Security Zone, this survival shooter introduces co-op for up to four players as you explore the Zone’s “surreal landscapes” while fighting deadly anomalies. Here’s the new trailer.

CM Games confirms that Into The Radius 2 will retain many gameplay features from the original game, like the loot-management system. Using weapons crafting and attachments, you must arm yourself with realistic weapons and maintain them, and the sequel promises a “wide array of classic and modern firearms at your disposal.”

With the early access release, CM Games states that Into the Radius 2 will initially include “a substantial location to explore, various types of anomalies to encounter, a range of weapons to wield, and a collection of artifacts.” The full release promises new locations, additional gameplay mechanics and lore, an expanded weapons arsenal, and more.

Into The Radius 2 currently targets a Steam Early Access launch in summer 2024 for $39.99, while the full release is planned for “late 2025.”