Spree’s VR Playground Is Coming To More Locations

The company’s location-based multiplayer attraction will be available in 10-player, 6-player, and 4-player sizes.

Spree Interactive, a provider of kid-friendly VR entertainment, has announced a brand new partnership with Amusement Services International (ASI) that will bring their latest multiplayer VR attraction, VR Playground, to even more locations.

The partnership was announced this past February, however, the company is only just now giving the public a peek at its new attraction. On March 14th, 2023, those attending DEAL Expo 2023 in Dubai will have the opportunity to go hands-on.

Credit: Spree Interactive

Spree’s VR Playground features a modern look and uses HTC’s VIVE Focus 3 headset to immerse participants in a number of interactive experiences. The space will be available in 10-player, 6-player, or 4-player configurations with options as small as 340 square feet.

Each VR playground comes with the aforementioned HTC VIVE Focus 3 headsets as well as the play area. The package also comes pre-loaded with a bunch of different games designed for all ages.

Credit: Spree Interactive

This includes Spree Interactive’s latest game, Splish Splash, a kid-friendly VR water-gun shooter. Players are stranded on an island and need to build various items out of coconuts while battling other players. It sounds like a lot of fun and I’m sure author William Golding would even love this game.

“Following the success of our VR Laser Tag games, we wanted to bring that Spree magic to the whole family. Splish Splash with its whimsical graphics and amusing gameplay is perfect for the lucrative 6-12 demographic,” said Sarah Stief, head of content at Spree Interactive. 

In addition to laser tag-style VR games like Splish Splash, Spree also created a unique interactive experience that combines VR technology with real-life bumper cars.

According to Stief, the VR Playground is ideal for families with kids (ages 6-12) and is expected to be placed at various family entertainment centers across the Middle East.

“We are indeed delighted to partner with Spree to bring these light-hearted and action-packed VR games to our customers in the Middle East,” said Prakash Vivekenand, managing director of Amusement Services International. 

“We think that Spree is a perfect VR Attraction, particularly targeting the 6-12 age group and our initial test of the attraction at an FEC in Dubai has found it to be a big hit with families. We are eagerly looking forward to positioning the SPREE VR Playground at FECs across the MENA region.”

Credit: Spree Interactive

If you happen to be at the DEAL Expo and want to try Splish Splash, visit here to book a demo. Just be ready to hose someone down!

You can learn more about Spree Interactive by visiting their website or YouTube page.

Feature Image Credit: Spree Interactive

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