Special Ep. Charting The Future – AI Governance And Policy with Lord Tim Clement-Jones

Host: Richard Foster-Fletcher, Executive Chair, MKAI.org

Guest: Lord Tim Clement-Jones, Former Chair of the House of Lords Select Committee on AI

Episode: “Shaping Policy: Lord Tim Clement-Jones on AI Governance”

Episode Overview: In “Shaping Policy: Lord Tim Clement-Jones on AI Governance,” we delve into the critical role of ethical principles in AI regulation. This special episode, with Lord Tim Clement-Jones, explores the intersection of AI technology and regulatory frameworks at both national and international levels. We discuss the importance of transparency, accountability, and public trust in fostering robust AI governance.

Key Topics of Discussion:
Ethical Foundations: Emphasizing the need for ethical guidelines to shape AI regulation.Global Perspectives: Comparing legislative advancements in AI governance across the US and EU.Addressing AI Risks: Tackling job displacement, biases, and the challenges of deepfakes.Public Engagement: The role of public trust and inclusivity in regulatory processes.International Standards: Advocating for stringent global regulations to support responsible AI innovation.Key ‘Takeaway’ Ideas:
The necessity of integrating both national and international perspectives in AI regulation.The importance of maintaining rigorous ethical standards to govern AI’s broad applications.The potential for international cooperation to establish comprehensive and effective AI governance standards.A special thanks to Jaisal Surana for her moderation during this interview. 

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