Spatialify for iPhone 15 Pro Can Now Capture HDR 'Spatial Videos' At 1080p 60fps Or 4K 30fps

The Spatialify app for iPhone 15 Pro can now record 3D ‘spatial videos’ with HDR at 1080p 60fps or 4K 30fps.

Spatial Video is Apple’s term for stereoscopic 3D video on its devices. Currently, only Apple Vision Pro and the two iPhone 15 Pro models can record spatial videos. These 3D videos are saved in the Apple HEVC Stereo Video Profile format, an implementation of MV-HEVC that only Apple Vision Pro can play back natively.

The iPhone app Spatialify released last year with the flagship feature of converting spatial videos into regular side-by-side 3D that can be played on any existing VR headset. It shipped three months before Quest officially got the ability to easily convert and sync spatial videos from your iPhone to your headset for playback.

How To Watch iPhone 15 Pro Spatial Video On Any Headset
You can already watch iPhone 15 Pro 3D ‘Spatial Videos’ on the headset you already own. Here’s how:

Since the initial release Spatialify has gained the ability to record spatial videos within the app itself, not just converting those taken in Apple’s Camera app. And the latest update adds support for HDR capture as well as either higher frame rate or higher resolution.

The Apple camera app can only record spatial videos at 1080p 30fps with standard dynamic range (SDR). The new v1.3 update for Spatialify on the other hand can record at either 1080p 60fps or 4K 30fps, and both modes support high dynamic range (HDR).

You can get Spatialify for $3 on the App Store.