Space Pirate Trainer DX Quest 3 Upgrade Improves Framerate & Textures

Space Pirate Trainer DX received a Quest 3 upgrade with improved performance and higher resolution textures.

Developed by I-Illusions (BAM), Space Pirate Trainer DX received a new update nearly five years after the arcade wave shooter launched on Quest. After sharing Quest 3 gameplay footage, I-Illusions founder Dirk Van Welden confirmed the upgrade adds more detailed environments and objects, higher resolution textures, a higher framerate and more. Smaller changes are also live on Quest 2, though Van Welden didn’t confirm what that involves.


First released in 2017, Space Pirate Trainer has seen a long history of post-launch updates. Most prominent is 2021’s DX update, which introduced new multiplayer and arena modes in 2021 designed specifically for standalone VR headsets. Those remain unavailable for the original PC VR and PlayStation VR releases.

Space Pirate Trainer DX is available on the Meta Quest platform, while the original version is on Pico, PSVR, Steam and Rift.