Some Assembly Required Can Build Kaiju Sized Robots In A VR Sandbox

Some Assembly Required gets creative with mechs in a VR sandbox on Quest.

Developed by Filament Games, Some Assembly Required previously appeared as flatscreen PC game RoboCo in 2022. You’re tasked with building robots of varying sizes to help humans, swapping between pocket-sized creations to Godzilla-sized mechs in a resizable room. You can customize how robots move and operate, dress them with cosmetics like googly eyes and share those designs with other players through an online community workshop.

Detailed on the Quest Store page, Some Assembly Required includes “a campaign of robotics adventures” with challenges that range between sandwich delivery, toxic chemical leaks, and zombie invasions. Once your design is ready, you can hop into the driver’s seat for a first-person view. Filament Games confirms this also supports multiple camera options.

Some Assembly Required reaches the Meta Quest platform in May 2024. We’ll update this story when we learn a specific release date.