Services for NGOs and Charities

Amplifying Impact Through AI: Empowering NGOs and Charities

“As NGOs and charities stand as beacons of hope and change for their beneficiaries, it’s crucial to equip these organisations with the knowledge and tools to tackle the intricacies, ethics, and challenges of integrating AI. In doing so, we strengthen their commitment to transparency, fostering a more equitable, transparent, and resilient future for all communities they serve.”

Richard Foster-Fletcher, Chair MKAI

MKAI Services for NGOs and Charities

Enhancing Internal Expertise and Advocacy

MKAI supports NGOs and Charities in deepening their understanding of emerging technologies and fostering a culture of advocacy within their communities. We provide tailored educational programmes, resources, and expert guidance to help organisations and their stakeholders and partners to navigate the complex world of AI, including Large Language Models, Generative AI and ChatGPT.

Strategic Collaboration for reach and impact

MKAI partners with NGOs and Charities to develop strategic collaborations that empower for-good organisations to adopt and leverage emerging technologies effectively. Through joint initiatives, events, and knowledge sharing, we aim to enable leaders to capitalise on the potential of these technologies while addressing the challenges and opportunities they present.

Navigating Ethical Challenges and Minimising Risks

MKAI equips NGOs and Charities with the knowledge and tools necessary to address the ethical challenges, risks, and potential harms associated with emerging technologies. We provide guidance on implementing responsible practices, ensuring transparency, and prioritising diversity, equity, and inclusion, all of which are critical to building trust and safeguarding the interests of their stakeholders and beneficiaries.

How we empower your Organisation:

In the ever-evolving realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we acknowledge the unique challenges that NGOs and Charities face. Our mission is to serve as a reliable ally, helping you navigate the complex and transformative world of Generative AI with confidence, foresight, and a focus on impact.

Becoming AI Stewards: We are devoted to helping your organisation become more than just users of AI; we aim to nurture you into authoritative figures, or AI Stewards, in this sphere. Understanding and mastering AI is vital, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

A Safe Space for Exploration: Our One-Day Development Workshop provides a safe and open environment for discourse and understanding around generative AI. This interactive program allows us to explore potential implications, highlight opportunities, and critically examine risks associated with AI usage.

Supporting Your Cause:

We are dedicated to equipping your organisation with the skills and understanding necessary to use AI effectively and ethically.

Comprehensive Leadership Development and Resources: Our custom-designed program demystifies the intricacies of harnessing generative AI, tailor-made to meet your specific organisational needs. It includes:

  • Risk Navigation: We guide you through potential challenges such as privacy, security, and bias issues, along with providing robust policy creation assistance.

  • Technology Evaluation: We help you critically assess AI technologies and applications, focusing on sustainability and fairness.

  • Hands-On Training: We provide you with practical experiences and skills development with AI tools, vital for their effective utilisation in your daily operations.

  • Ongoing Support and Consultation: We offer post-training support to tackle any issues during the implementation phase, through regular check-ins or a dedicated helpdesk.

  • Ethical AI Guidelines: We train you on AI ethics to ensure your practices align with your organisation’s mission and values.

  • Emerging Trends: We ensure you stay updated with the rapidly evolving AI field, sharing the latest trends, tools, and best practices.

  • Networking Opportunities: We facilitate interactions with other NGOs or AI experts, fostering the exchange of experiences, challenges, and solutions.

  • Metrics and Evaluation: We assist in setting up evaluation metrics to measure the effectiveness and impact of AI, enabling you to validate the success of your AI strategies.

We also support the refinement of both internal and external communications regarding AI usage, enhancing transparency and understanding amongst stakeholders.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can aid your organisation in embracing AI. Become an AI Steward, guide your organisation securely into the future of technology, and make a powerful impact in the ever-evolving world of AI.