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MKAI: Supporting Academic Leaders to Empower the Next Generation of Technology Leaders and Connect with the Business Community

“Traditional CVs pale in comparison to the moment when students demonstrate the power of cutting-edge technologies directly to business leaders and potential employers. MKAI helps you to create those moments for your students.”

Richard Foster-Fletcher, Chair MKAI

The digital divide presents a significant problem for small business leaders who can get ‘left behind’ or lose business to more digitally-enabled companies. Furthermore, with big challenges like pandemics, new generational working expectations, climate change, supply chain instability, and D&I the effective deployment of technologies that improve efficiency, sustainability and wellness has never been more critical for a business owner.

On a day-to-day basis, many business leaders struggle to comprehend what new technologies could do for their organisations. With this in mind, MKAI is committed to actively bridging the digital divide by encouraging technology-take-up in small businesses across the UK.

We achieve this is by working collaboratively with colleges/universities and your students to provide innovative courses and interactive, hands-on workshops that show how the latest technologies can solve real-world problems right now in their businesses. We make the technologies approachable, the concepts simple, and the next steps for their businesses clear.

If you work for a college or university and would like to learn more about MKAI, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch to arrange a conversation.

MKAI Services for Further Education

Reimagining Learning through technology

MKAI helps FE leaders to use the latest technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, the Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence to enhance learning outcomes and career readiness.


MKAI provides innovative courses covering the latest strategic and technical information relevant to new technologies and their applications. Offering both instructor-led and self-orientated learning models, we empower students and adult learners with digital skills and knowledge transfer.


Using the technology available to you, MKAI hosts technology showcase workshops, co-led by your students and applicable to local business leaders. At these workshops, some of your students (or apprentices) will show and explain the technology and the specific use cases to business leaders. They will be trained and empowered before the sessions to confidently understand and present the technology, enabling them to shine in front of prospective future employers.

Prototype creation

MKAI works for colleges and universities to help them to work with local businesses to co-create technology prototypes. Through our network, we can leverage a vast pool of resources to help businesses use your facilities, equipment, students and research to build innovative proof of concept solutions and test out ideas.