Runaways Is A Spatial Endless Runner On Apple Vision Pro

Runaways is a spatial endless runner designed specifically for Apple Vision Pro.

Recently shown at South By Southwest, Runaways by Beyond Games describes itself as a skill-based endless runner with fast-paced gameplay. As Hank, your goal involves escaping from a tentacle-infested planet after ditching the mines of ExHume 8 by finding the exit portal. Featuring dynamic track generation, you must jump across a 3D course in your living space while avoiding traps.


We briefly went hands-on with Runaways at GDC 2024. You control Hank with a pinch motion to jump across bottomless pits, though this requires careful timing since jumps use energy that slowly recharges. Traps can be avoided by jumping or hitting a floating disarm button. Though we didn’t get far, it’s an enjoyably straightforward premise with a colorful presentation that feels easy to learn.

Runaways reaches Apple Vision Pro in April 2024.

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