Rogue Ascent Brings The Roguelike VR Shooter To Steam Soon

Rogue Ascent, a VR roguelike sci-fi adventure, will soon reach Steam with controller support.

Developed by Nooner Bear Studio, Rogue Ascent is a VR shooter that can be played entirely through hand tracking. Fighting through procedurally-generated levels across a space station, you’re tasked with saving the planet below from obliteration by a super laser. Previously Quest exclusive, publisher Clique Games confirmed it’s coming to Steam this month, though little else is currently known.

The Steam release marks the latest stop in Rogue Ascent’s journey, which has seen continued updates since last year’s launch alongside December’s permanent price cut. July introduced the Marauder update with a new playable class and extra bosses, while last month’s Sandbox Update added custom combat scenarios and a ‘Zombie Compound.’

We enjoyed Rogue Ascent in our impressions last year. Believing it offers a “well-considered control scheme and entertaining gunplay,” we later called it one of the best Quest 2 hand-tracking games currently available.

I’m very impressed with this sci-fi shooter after several hours. While Touch Controllers are supported, they don’t do this experience justice, so you’re better off going hands-only. Between its in-depth customization, well-considered control scheme, and entertaining gunplay, Rogue Ascent is a fine showcase of what hand-tracking games can achieve.

Rogue Ascent arrives this month on Steam, and it’s available now on the Meta Quest platform for $10.

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