‘Rocket League’ Inspired VR Sport ‘Ultimechs’ is Going Free-to-Play, Open Beta Starts Today on Steam

Developers Resolution Games unveiled their upcoming VR sport Ultimechs in late 2021, bringing a very Rocket League-inspired experience combined with missile-firing robots. Now the studio is preparing to launch the futuristic sports game as a free-to-play title on VR platforms starting next month.

Update (August 25th, 2022): Ultimechs is slated to launch as a free-to-play title on September 15th, landing on Quest 2, Pico headsets, and PC VR.

The game is also offering a seasonal membership (price still yet to be revealed) that will give players access to cosmetics and character accessories. A free preview is available starting today on Steam, going to August 28th. The studio also released a 3-minute devlog that shows off a bit more of the game’s mechanics, which we linked below:

Original Article (May 11th, 2022): Ultimechs promises to serve up 2v2 multiplayer matches which is said to be based on “precise punches and impeccable reaction times,” the studio says in a press statement.

Here’s how Resolution games describes the action:

“Ultimechs puts players in control of state-of-the-art machines designed for speed and power. Working alongside a teammate, each competitor pilots their mech in pursuit of a massive superball as it ricochets its way around the arena. Using quick movements to stay on top of the ball and one step ahead of opponents, victory comes with a rocket-powered fist being aimed, shot and steered into the superball, slamming it into the goal. The precision, impeccable reaction times and lightning-fast calculations required to come out on top are sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats.”

Resolution Games CEO Tommy Palm compares it to wielding a guided missile and “changing direction on-the-fly as you try to strike a target in mid-air at just the right angle.”

Although focused on 2v2 gameplay, Ultimechs is said to also include a 1v1 mode. The game is still slated to arrive sometime this year on “major VR platforms,” so it seems there’s still much to learn.

At least for now, the studio says it’s available for Steam wishlisting, so it will be on PC VR headsets. The game’s previous trailer also showed a user donning a Quest 2, so it’s likely coming to that platform as well.

Resolution Games has tapped into multiplayer VR genre recently with a number of competitive and co-op experiences, such as BlastonDemeo, Acron: Attack of the Squirrels, and Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale. As a pioneering VR studio, this transition to multiplayer games makes for a solid barometer in where the industry is currently.