Riven Brings The Narrative Puzzler's Remake To Quest & PC VR This Month

Riven’s upcoming remake brings the Myst sequel to Quest and PC VR in three weeks.

We’ve known for several months that Cyan Worlds is remaking Riven, the 1997 narrative-driven puzzle game, promising “new puzzles, expanded storylines,” and updated visuals in Unreal Engine 5. Following 2020’s similar Myst remake, the studio confirmed its launching for Quest, PC VR and flatscreen platforms later this month. Here’s the new launch trailer.

Initially announced for PC VR, Cyan Worlds gave us our first look at the Quest version last month. Available on Quest 2 with enhancements for Quest 3 owners, Cyan states the Quest 3 version will benefit from “the headset’s increased power and higher resolution” and shared screenshots. Before that, we also learned how Riven’s remake reunites the original creative team.

Riven arrives on the Meta Quest platform, SteamVR, and flatscreen platforms on June 25 for $35. Quest offers an 11% pre-order discount, while Windows users will receive a 10% launch discount.