Richard Foster-Fletcher joins XRSI as Blockchain and AI Advisor

Milton Keynes, England, 03 AUGUST 2022

Morality and Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence (MKAI) Executive Chair Richard Foster-Fletcher officially joins XRSI as Blockchain and AI Advisor

MKAI Executive Chair and Founder Richard Foster-Fletcher is joining XRSI as Blockchain and AI Advisor.

In response to the appointment, Richard said “This is a critical moment as new technologies converge. Without the right safeguards, foresight and diverse perspectives, the technology that is meant to serve us is likely to instead harm us. I have been an advocate for several years of the crucial work that XRSI does and I am honoured to have this opportunity to more formally serve the organisation. I am grateful to be able to play a part in developing the XR, Web3 and Metaverse standards and governance that will protect all of us.” 

Richard Foster-Fletcher is the Founder and Executive Chair of also known as Morality and Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence. He also leads the MKAI Centre for Digital Trust.

In 2021, Richard and his colleagues launched the MKAI diverse collective for AI risk identification and mitigation, currently the world’s largest inclusive community dedicated to reducing AI harms. His first book will be published in 2023 by Bloomsbury that discusses how the convergence of new technologies, climate change and the creator economy will create the largest shift in business in over 50 years.

XRSI Founder and CEO, Kavya Pearlman, is excited about this new development, saying, “It gives me great comfort and joy to strengthen the relationship between MKAI and XRSI by welcoming Richard Foster-Fletcher. We have been exploring several technology intersections for quite some time. It is crucial for XRSI to have critical voices such as Richard on our advisory panel, constantly researching and exchanging knowledge to help build safe and inclusive emerging technology ecosystems. Richard’s formal role comes at a great time as we prepare for Metaverse Safety Week 2022 in December (10-15). At XRSI, we are excited to explore intersections of Blockchain and AI, together with Richard, to build safeguards for the next iteration of the internet.”

XR Safety Initiative (XRSI) is a worldwide not-for-profit Standards Developing Organization(SDO) that promotes privacy, safety, security, and ethics in immersive environments. Founded in 2019 by Kavya Pearlman, known as the “Cyber Guardian,” an award-winning cybersecurity professional with a deep interest in immersive and emerging technologies. Headquartered in San Francisco Bay Area, XRSI currently has over 150 diverse and multidisciplinary advisors from around the globe.

I am grateful to be able to play a part in developing the XR, Web3 and Metaverse standards and governance that will protect all of us.

MKAI is the responsible AI community that engages in open-minded conversation, events and crowdsourced projects around artificial intelligence themes such as; ethics, inclusivity, privacy and sustainability. It attracts people from different walks of life, with different experiences, driving its strength and impact from its diversity and inclusiveness.