Retronika Mixes Futuristic Cycling With A VR FPS On Quest

Retronika mixes real-life cycling controls across futuristic highways with a VR FPS on Quest.

Created by 4Players-Studio, Retronika is an immersive racer game with FPS elements and cartoonish cel-shaded visuals. Set across a mission-based campaign, Retronika requires clearing objectives like defeating a set number of enemies or surviving challenging conditions. Completing each mission unlocks bike upgrades, new weapons and other customizations. Here’s the trailer.

Each mission tasks you with navigating a flying bike, using a control scheme mimics steering a real-life bicycle. You’re tasked with avoiding collisions with other retro-futuristic vehicles across a dynamically generated, tiled environment. This all occurs while shooting down enemies like drones, weaponized vehicles and stationary turrets. Retronika offers nine weapons each featuring “distinct characteristics,” letting you equip two at once.

Previously targeting Q1 2024, a new release window for Retronika remains unconfirmed on the Meta Quest platform. We’ve contacted 4Players-Studio for more details and we’ll update this article if we learn more.