Requisition VR Is A Zombie Game With Killer Crafting

Everything’s a weapon in this over-the-top VR survival shooter. 

Available now in Early Access, Requisition VR is unlike any VR zombie game we’ve tried before. In this cooperative survival shooter, you and your friends barricade yourselves inside a variety of terrifying shelters and take on hordes of the undead using a wide arsenal of weapons, traps, and explosives. 

But here’s what’s interesting—the game features a robust crafting system that allows you to build your own weapons out of everyday objects. Attach a kitchen knife to the end of a broom to create a makeshift spear, fashion together a homemade flame-thrower using a leaf blower and a welding torch; the opportunities are virtually endless. According to developer Arcadia, Requisition VR features 500 physics-based items in which to combine, more than enough to keep even a veteran zombie slayer occupied. 

Set in the sleepy town of Autumn, the game features four unique locations in which to battle the undead, each with their own unique, albeit depressing, stories to tell: an abandoned gas station, a decrepit farm, an unsettling forest shelter, and an underground bunker; not exactly your ideal destinations during a zombie apocalypse. At the start of each round, players have the opportunity to strategize with their teammates on crucial decisions such as where to lay down traps, which windows and doors to barricade, etc. 

You can go toe-to-toe with the undead by yourself or play online with three other players in three horrifying game modes:

Story Mode – Battle hordes of the undead while uncovering the mysterious circumstances surrounding the apocalypse. Travel to different locations, each with its own set of unique objectives, to discover a cure and save the town of Autumn. PvP – Scower the area for valuable items, craft the perfect weapon, and go head-to-head with other players in competitive multiplayer with an engineering twist. Horde Mode – Work together with other players to survive a vicious gauntlet of flesh-eaters by crafting weapons, laying down traps, and barricading doors and windows. Strategy is key to survival in this unforgiving game mode. 

As previously mentioned, Requisition VR allows you to craft your own improvised weaponry out of common household items. Simply grab the duct tape from your right chest pocket and start experimenting with different combinations. For example, let’s say you find a razor-sharp chef’s knife in the kitchen cabinet. Instead of trying to stab the undead and risk getting bit, why not jam the knife into a toaster to create your own rudimentary speargun?

In addition to common objects, you’ll come across special items which can be used to craft more powerful weaponry. In these cases, the game will tell you exactly which items you need to create the weapon and where to place them. So, whether you’re a fan of close-quarters combat with a good old-fashioned ax, or prefer keeping your distance with a bootleg trident made out of a broom and several dinner forks, Requisition VR has you covered. 

You’ll also come across various raw materials that, when combined using special workbenches, can be used to create more powerful traps and explosives. After all, why exhaust yourself with melee combat when you can take out half-a-dozen zombies with a single well-placed bomb? 

The game features plenty in the way of personalization. You can customize your avatar with colorful apparel to stand out from the pack, though, at the end of the day, you’ll probably end up covered in red… You can customize your avatar in the game’s starting lobby. Here you can also experiment with different crafting options and chat with your teammates before jumping into a game. 

Requisition VR is available now in Early Access for $19.99 on PC VR headsets via Steam. According to the developer, a Meta Quest version of the game is scheduled for late 2023. For more information visit

**This sponsored post was created in partnership with Arcadia.**

Image Credit: Arcadia

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