Rec Room Partners With Bungie For Destiny 2 Crossover Update

A new Destiny 2 crossover arrives today in Rec Room.

Part of a collaboration with Bungie, Rec Room’s latest crossover will introduce Destiny-themed cosmetics and challenges. Alongside a new environment that recreates The Tower, the space-faring shooter’s iconic social hub, the main feature of today’s update is a new in-game event called Destiny 2: Guardian Gauntlet. In this experience, players can train as Guardians and collaborate with their friends to conquer Destiny-themed adventures.


To heighten the immersion, players can pull on a hooded cloak and equip a themed weapon skin for their avatar to cosplay as the Destiny 2 Hunter class. But fear not, fellow Warlock mains, as cosmetics based on the remaining Warlock and Titan classes are also coming to Rec Room in the near future.

Rec Room’s Destiny 2 update launches today for Quest, PC VR, Pico, iOS, PlayStation and Xbox. It’s also “coming soon” to Nintendo Switch.