Rec Room Announces New Creator Tools & PC Access

Rec Room takes social VR to the next level with several exciting new features.

Rec Room dropped some juicy news during its big virtual event RecCon, including the announcement of Rec Room Studio, an awesome new tool that will let you create your own amazing experiences featuring killer graphics and animations on the social VR platform. The company also announced the launch of Rec Room for PC. 

During the event, Cameron Brown, the company’s CCO and co-founder, took a moment to celebrate the company’s growth and the enthusiastic community behind it and talked about how Rec Room is committed to growing that community by creating a welcoming environment for all of its players.

Rec Room Studio is a powerful feature set that will let you create and publish rooms using the Unity Editor. You can then add objects and assets to existing rooms as well as create and share custom textures, audio, and animations.

With the help of the Maker Pen, another Rec Room creator tool, players can easily create high-quality content for others to enjoy. Rec Room Studio will be available soon. Those interested in testing can sign up for the beta program at

Over the past six years, Rec Room has experienced significant growth. The company has amassed over 82 million active users who have used the platform to create, share, and play unique VR games. I know I have spent countless hours attempting to dominate the Rec Room Laser Tag arena.

According to the company, players have built more rooms in Rec Room than apps on the iOS App Store. In the first quarter of 2022, Rec Room paid out $1 million to its creators for the contributions they made to the platform.

The company also released a standalone PC client, which will make it even easier for people to jump into a quick game or adventure and give Rec Room a significant boost in users. To celebrate its six-year anniversary, Rec Room is giving away some cool prizes, such as a custom Rec Room PC, through a giveaway during Rec Con.

During the event, Rec Room gave us a little tease of their next Rec Room game, an asymmetrical multiplayer adventure where four players work together to defeat a player-controlled monster and escape its lair. Like all Rec Room adventures, this one will surely be a crowd pleaser. Look out for more details on this game soon.

Rec Con, which goes until September 25th, will include a range of interactive events, including:

Void Resonance featuring Mithlox & Masix, an intergalactic musical performance.Multidimensional Sentient Living Organisms featuring HTB, an abstract experience featuring a custom chill house mix.Into the Retroverse featuring Angle, a retro rollercade party.Talks, panels, workshops, and more.Ink Showcase, a collection of upcoming rooms in Rec Room.

Also expect special appearances by big named YouTube and TikTok creators that include Nathie, Vbunny Go, Boethiah, Gecko VR, and Soul Fox Gaming.

On top of all of that, Rec Con will be jam-packed with special events, panels, and afterparties featuring Rec Room and other game developers, industry speakers, YouTubers, creators, and a number of musical guests. And just like last year, there won’t be 40-person event limits. 

But that’s not all. There’s also:

The RecCon takeover! Choose to join Team Orange or Team Purple in the RecCon entry room and pick up colored RecCon team swag. Take a group of friends into many of the RecCon rooms and the room will change to your team’s color – as long as there aren’t more members from the other team!The Find the Button Challenge! Find at least one of the hidden buttons within the rooms of RecCon to win a bottle of RecCon bubbly at the end of the event!The Jam Zone! Grab yourself a keytar and get on stage to rock the park! The more people in the park, the better it will sound, so grab all your friends and teammates!

Rec Con isn’t the only thing VR players have to look forward to this year.

In October, the company and the Haunt Society will host a variety of horrifying events in VR. One of these is a virtual screening of the horror film “The House October Built,” which will only be available through Rec Room.

Rec Room is available free in VR on Meta Quest, PC VR, and PlayStation VR headsets as well as various non-VR platforms such as Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. For more information, check out the Rec Room website or follow them on Twitter and on Discord for the latest details. 

Rec Con is free for everyone and ends on September 25th.

Image Credit: Rec Room

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