Razer Launch New Quest 3 Head Strap & Facial Interface Accessories

Razer adapted its Quest 2 head strap and facial interface for Quest 3, and that’s available now.

Part of the ‘Made For Meta‘ program, the Razer Facial Interface and Adjustable Head Strap are both available across North America and Europe for $70 each. The Facial Interface uses a silicone cushion with cooling vents and hypoallergic material, while the Head Strap is designed for “all head shapes” and uses nylon material. They’re essentially adapted Quest 3 versions of the previous Razer Quest 2 Head Strap and Facial interface, which we previously reviewed last year.

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The Facial Interface and Head Strap follow the Quest version of Razer’s active noise-cancelling ‘Hammerhead HyperSpeed‘ earbuds, which was initially announced alongside the Quest 3. Available for $150, it promises up to 30 hours of battery life, Bluetooth 5.2 support and a 2.4GHz wireless connection via USB-C dongle.

We’ll be looking to test Razer’s latest accessories soon but if you’re after some other ways to improve your headset, check out our previous recommendations for the best Quest 3 accessories below.

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