RAGER Demo Brings Rhythm Melee Combat To Quest App Lab

RAGER is a new melee combat VR rhythm game with a free demo on Quest App Lab.

Developed by Insane Prey, RAGER seeks to “test your skills and reflexes” as you fend off cyborgs from all directions. Offering multiple weapons like a sword, mace, claws, hammer, axe and more, this requires timing your attacks, blocks and dodging in line with the music’s rhythm. You can watch gameplay in the trailer below:

We briefly went hands-on with the demo, which only features swords and maces with four difficulty settings. What follows feels like combat-driven rhythm game reminiscent of Beat Saber. Arming you with two futuristic weapons to land your strikes gives you a brief window to slice foes before they attack. However, unlike Meta’s rhythm game, you don’t need to use a specific colored sword to attack; either will do.

There’s a good sense of rhythm as you defend, attack and dodge. Failing to avoid enemies damages you, though your health is quickly healed through a successful action. I enjoyed the gameplay loop but some presentation aspects could feel a little plain, like the flame design. Still, I like the idea and I’ll be interested to see how it evolves at full release.

RAGER reaches Quest and Steam Early Access in the next few months, and you can download the Quest demo now.