Racket Club Update Adds Two Courts, Ball Cannon & More

VR sports game Racket Club introduces two new courts, a ball cannon and more in a free update.

Following last December’s launch, Resolution Games has released a substantial Racket Club patch, the ‘Fun Courts‘ update. That adds a new wider court and a ‘Spinminton’ court, a ball cannon players can use on any court, an increased maximum player level and new clothes. Further changes include a push-to-talk feature, the ability to explore the club at dusk and tuning controls for racket adapters.

It’s the second major Racket Club content update we’ve seen so far, following February’s ‘New Spin‘ update. Notably, that added unranked online matches, new Singles drills in training mode, and a new points system that lets you choose single-point rallies or stick with the Ultra Rally approach.

We awarded Racket Club 4/5 stars in last year’s review. We praised Resolution’s approach to creating a social sports club mentality, believing it offers “something familiar yet refreshingly different.”

By mixing elements of tennis, squash and pickleball, they’ve delivered an original experience that feels refreshing while playing to VR’s immersive strengths. While solo content is limited and mixed reality support feels unnecessary, a highly compelling social multiplayer experience has me coming back for more.

Racket Club is available now on the Meta Quest platform, Pico and Steam.

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