Quest v63 Adds Lying Down Mode On Quest 2 & Quest Pro

The Quest v63 update adds a lying down mode – but only on Quest 2 and Quest Pro, not Quest 3.

A new experimental setting called ‘Use apps while lying down’ has been added to Quest 2 and Quest Pro.

When it’s enabled, recentering (holding the Oculus button on the right controller or your right index finger to your thumb) while looking up above you will also rotate the virtual coordinate space 90 degrees upwards, letting you comfortably use seated VR apps and games in bed.

Interestingly the screenshot provided by Meta also shows two experimental options not present in v62 ‘External Microphone’ and ‘Airplane Travel Mode’.

The description of External Microphone says it allows using external USB microphones, while Meta confirmed in January that it was working to make Quest headsets work on airplanes. We’ll be curious to see whether these features are actually included in v63 or just in the screenshot erroneously.

As always, keep in mind that Quest system software updates “roll out” gradually, so it may take a few days or even more than a week for your headset to get the Quest v63 update.