Quest Pro Wi-Fi Issues Will ‘Very Likely’ Be Fixed In Next Software Update

Quest Pro Wi-Fi performance issues will “very likely” be fixed in the next update, Meta’s Director of Wireless said.

Some Quest Pro buyers have noticed inferior wireless PC VR streaming performance compared to Quest 2, including higher latency and more dropped frames. This can happen with the built-in Air Link feature or third party alternatives like Virtual Desktop.

Virtual Desktop’s developer Guy Godin figured out that the issue is related to DFS channels, so disabling this feature on your router resolves the issue. DFS is Dynamic Frequency Selection – a feature of Wi-Fi designed to avoid interfering with frequency channels being used by radars and satellites.

Known issue, but fix wasn’t ready for launch . It’ll be very likely fixed in the next update and DFS channels will be as good as in Quest 2

— Bruno Cendón (@BrunoCendon) November 3, 2022

Not all routers allow disabling DFS channels. But Meta Reality Labs Director of Wireless Technologies Bruno Cendón responded to Godin saying it’s a “known issue”. He said a fix wasn’t ready for launch but will be “very likely fixed” in the next software update.

The current Quest OS version is v46, and Meta previously confirmed v47 should be released in early December.