Quest Pro Lets You Bring Up Browser Windows While Inside VR Apps

Quest Pro lets you bring up browser windows and 2D apps while inside VR apps.

On Quest 2 opening the browser or a 2D app requires quitting out of the currently running VR app. Quest Pro removes this limitation, bringing true multi-tasking to standalone VR.

This means if you need to look something up or check platforms like Slack or Discord, you’ll no longer need to take the headset off and use your phone or PC. It’s a critical step for VR headsets becoming general purpose computers.

Meta said the new feature is enabled by Quest Pro’s 12GB of RAM. Quest 2 has 6GB, while other standalone headsets like the Pico 4 series and Vive Focus 3 have 8GB.

Both Quest 2 and Quest Pro let you bring up three browser windows at once in the system home environment. It’s unclear how many windows Quest Pro will let you bring up while inside VR, or whether you’ll be able to keep the windows visible to watch videos while inside a VR app.

We’ll be testing this feature out for our Meta Quest Pro review.