Quest 2 Is Now Out Of Stock In The US – Is The Launch Of Quest 3S Imminent?

Quest 2 is now out of stock in the US on Meta Store and major retailers.

Since Quest 3 launched Meta has repeatedly cut the price of Quest 2, first to $250 and then in March to just $200. In April it even cut Quest 2 official accessory prices by more than 50% compared to their original prices.

In February, the higher storage 256GB model of Quest 2 went out of stock globally and was delisted from all retailers, suggesting that production of at least that model has ended.

Now today, the remaining 128GB model is out of stock too in the US on Meta Store, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. You can still find third-party sellers offering it at a significant markup on some of those retailers’ websites, but not Meta or the retailer itself, and not for $200.

While Quest 2 remains in stock in most other supported countries, the US is Meta’s biggest market and this news suggests the headset could be in its final weeks on sale.

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But that doesn’t mean the entry price for Meta’s platform is about to become $450, the price of a refurbished Quest 3.

There’s been strong evidence over the past 15 months that Meta is preparing to release a cheaper alternative to Quest 3 to replace Quest 2 in its lineup, which may be priced around $300 new.

In March 2023 a leaked Meta hardware roadmap mentioned this cheaper headset, and earlier this month the official Quest Store listed “Meta Quest 3S”, a name seen in an apparent leak three months ago purporting to show the headset’s design.

For a summary of everything we’ve heard so far about Quest 3S, read our detailed roundup here.