PuttView X Uses AR To Help Improve Your Golf Game

Is immersive technology the future of interactive sports training?

PuttView X is an upcoming app for Microsoft’s HoloLens headset that uses augmented reality (AR) technology to project valuable putt information directly onto golf courses. This includes everything from setup lines to green contour.

Based on the video provided by PuttView, you can select from a variety of options using HoloLens’ built-in hand-tracking technology. According to the company, the app is compatible with outdoor greens and does not require any additional tools to set up. There’s even a companion app that allows you to adjust settings on the fly and remotely cast what the user is seeing so others can benefit.

PuttView X is a follow-up to PuttView Indoor, another AR-based training platform offered by the company. Whereas PuttView X uses Microsoft’s HoloLens to display virtual information over outdoor courses, PuttView Indoor uses a mounted projector and Ball Tracking camera to provide a similar experience for indoor courses.

The company also offers its own custom putting greens for those who don’t have their own. Like PuttView X, PuttView Indoor comes with a companion app for tablets complete with practice drills, interactive games, and more.

While PuttView X is not yet available for purchase, you can choose from one of several PuttView Indoor systems now over at puttview.com.

Image Credit: PuttView

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