Piyush Sharma joins MKAI as Product Manager

Milton Keynes, England, September. 02, 2021

Piyush Sharma has joined MKAI as Product Manager on a voluntary basis. Piyush will support MKAI with productising AI and Data ethics services to take to market. 


Piyush is a Software Engineer turned Consultant/ Product Manager. He has worked in the software development industry for 4 years with MNCs like Oracle and Shell and currently works as a Senior Associate Consultant at BCG. 

He recently completed his post-graduate fellowship in AI/ ML, Data Science & Leadership in India. 

Besides work, he is an international para table tennis player, motivational speaker, digital well-being/ humane tech/ ethical and inclusive AI advocate.

Having witnessed what MKAI has been doing in the space of ethical and inclusive AI, I really wanted to be a part of this change and here I am finally bringing in the best I can into this organization through my volunteering role. I believe that through MKAI's mission and vision we will all be able to co-create and co-lead several positive changes in all possible domains of AI's implementation. I look forward to many such exciting opportunities to collaborate with people from across the globe and become a thoughtful and inclusive leader in this space.

I am delighted to welcome Piyush on board. His passion for ethical AI and an inclusive industry will be a great asset to our diverse team. MKAI is a project-orientated organisation and will benefit significantly from Piyush's insights and experiences. I look forward to working with Piyush in his role as voluntary Product Manager to package and productise our expertise.

MKAI is the responsible AI community that engages in open-minded conversation, events and crowdsourced projects around artificial intelligence themes such as; ethics, inclusivity, privacy and sustainability. It attracts people from different walks of life, with different experiences, driving its strength and impact from its diversity and inclusiveness.