Pico 4 Enterprise All-In-One VR Headset Announced

The business-focused device features eye and face tracking as well as color passthrough technology.

Less than a month after the reveal of the Pico 4, Bytedance has unveiled yet another addition to its lineup of VR headsets, the Pico 4 Enterprise. The 6DoF all-in-one device features a number of similarities compared to its predecessor along with a few key upgrades catering specifically to businesses.

The Pico 4 Enterprise is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2 chipset and features pancake optics, 4K+ level resolution, and a refresh rate of 72/90Hz. Similar to the recently-announced Meta Quest Pro, a curved cell battery is located on the back of the device, promising better weight distribution and an overall more comfortable fit.

Like the Pico 4, the Pico 4 Enterprise features motorized interpupillary distance (IPD) adjustment with the added bonus of automatically adjustable IPD powered by the headsets eye tracking technology (more on that shortly).

The Pico 4 Enterprise differentiates itself from the Pico 4 with its business-centric approach to VR. The headset features its own dedicated app store and enterprise OS, allowing developers to customize and manage content for employee use.

The Pico 4 Enterprise features eight onboard cameras for inside-out tracking. That’s three more than the Pico 4. Why the additional cameras you ask? Those are for the aforementioned eye and face tracking. There’s also support for hand and gesture tracking as well as color pass-through. The DDR 4 RAM featured in the consumer model has also been replaced with DDR 5 RAM.

Here’s a more detailed list of specs (as provided by VR-Compare):

Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2Resolution: 4.3KRefresh Rate: 72/90HzIPD Range: 62-72 mm hardware adjustable (automatic)Weight: 586 g (1.29lbs)Field-of-view: 105-degreesTracking: 6DoF inside-out, eye-tracking, hand-tracking, face-tracking Controllers: x2 Pico 4 controllersAudio: Integrated 3D spatial audioMemory: 8GB DDR 5Storage: 256GBPorts: USB-CBattery: 2-3 hoursWiFi: WiFi 6 802.11

According to reports, the Pico 4 Enterprise will be availabe for pre-order on November 1st for €899 ($900 USD) with plans to begin shipping in December. The headset will be available to select businesses in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

For more infromation visit picoxr.com.

Image Credit: Pico

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