Pencil! Mixed Reality Education Tool Offers Deeper Look

The winners of a Meta hackathon showcased a deeper look at their mixed reality art education tool Pencil! on Quest 3.

The app promises step-by-step lessons for learning how to draw in mixed reality. We first covered the app in May, which uses a Quest 3 controller as a paperweight to overlay instructions on top of a piece of physical paper you can draw on with a traditional pencil.


While the Logitech MX Ink promises a tracked option for drawing in space on Meta headsets and Apple Pencil Pro might do the same for Apple devices, Pencil! comes at drawing from the opposite direction – essentially by tracking the paper (via its paperweight).

The developers are working toward a launch on App Lab planned in the weeks ahead. More information can be found on the project’s official website and there should be a demo available via Discord.