PC VR Hit Boneworks Is Now Playable On Quest Via Bonelab Mod

Boneworks, Stress Level Zero’s acclaimed physics-driven PC VR shooter, is now playable on Quest through modding.

Created in Bonelab by Volx64 and EvroDev, the ‘Labworks’ mod has been in development for roughly 18 months. Now at Version 11.1, the latest build recreates the full Boneworks campaign and several non-campaign levels for existing Bonelab owners on both Quest and PC VR. That’s downloadable via mod.io and while a more recent official trailer isn’t available, you can see version 9.0 gameplay below.

You can also check out this official tutorial video or the mod.io page for more details on installing Labworks in Bonelab.

We praised Stress Level Zero’s physics-based sandbox in our Boneworks review, stating, “You’d be hard-pressed not to get carried away on its own journey; one of interactive wizardry, devilishly gratifying combat and stunning physical authenticity, even if that occasionally works against you.” With Bonelab, we considered it an enjoyable extension on Boneworks’ premise, though we believed the campaign felt like “an afterthought” used to justify other features.

Bonelab is available now on the Meta Quest platform with Rift cross-buy support, and Steam.

Boneworks Review: A Stunning Showcase Of Physical Interaction That Tests VR’s Limits
Boneworks shows its hand about 10 minutes into its campaign. Midway through your introductory tour — a tutorial humorously fashioned as a history of VR interaction — it drops a key bit of advice: “If you physically imagine you are holding the heavy object, you will have an easier time moving it.