Passport Venice: Walkabout Mini Golf Transports You To Italy

Walkabout Mini Golf is now taking players to Venice.

The new Passport Venice course from development studio Mighty Coconut is available for $3.99 inside Walkabout Mini Golf across all major headsets.

Carefully constructed by the studio’s team of artists to capture the feeling of visiting the famed city, Venice includes the canals, the cannoli and the clocktower ringing nearby too. Featuring new lighting and shadow techniques, Venice shows yet another step forward in the carefully architected technical artistry of the team behind one of VR’s best games.

“This is our first attempt at creating an aspirational place that everybody dreams about going to but not everybody has the opportunity or the pleasure to visit,” said Mighty Coconut art director Don Carson. “A wonderful place to hang out with your friends as you play golf.”

We’ve got a tour of the full course we’ll be posting to YouTube, but you can see the start of the journey in the video embedded below.


Passport Venice

Walkabout Mini Golf is available on PSVR 2, Steam, Quest and Pico headsets with room code cross-play. They’ve started releasing new courses regularly with Wallace & Gromit among the upcoming courses you can play through in the game. You can watch a collection of our tour videos in the playlist below showcasing the evolution of Walkabout Mini Golf’s design.