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Hey there! We’re a pioneering tech company based in the UK.


We use the latest AI and data science to manage information and create insights for businesses such as Jaguar Land Rover, Anglian Water, Rolls-Royce, Northumbrian Water and Liberty to name a few. We’re also a really down-to-earth, friendly bunch of experts who love a BBQ and a natter round the campfire (our legendary Aiimi camping trip is always a good laugh!)

Manage your information intuitively

We’re obsessed with creating ways in which technology and AI can manage your information intuitively, so you can be free to do your job better, smarter and quicker. You could be a Chief Data Officer worried about risky sensitive information scattered across your network drives, or an employee wading through folder after folder looking for that one file you need.


Our tools make sure you get the information you need the moment you need it, whether it’s stored in the cloud, in a network drive, or in a long-forgotten folder. Besides our super talented consultants, we also have our own IP called InsightMaker. InsightMaker enables ordinary folk to do extraordinary things – like access detailed data science analytics at the touch of a button, discover sensitive files for GDPR, manage assets intelligently and make your entire enterprise searchable. With lightning-fast response times, customers can securely search across millions of structured and unstructured data sets to find valuable information that was previously hidden or at risk of a data breach.

Data Reply is the Reply group company offering a broad range of advanced analytics and AI-powered data services.

Data Reply UK

We operate across different industries and business functions, working directly with executive level professionals and Chief Officers enabling them to achieve meaningful outcomes through effective use of data.

Human-centred data

We support companies in designing and implementing human-centred data products to turn embryonic ideas into enterprise solutions. We aim at handling trade-offs among business requirements and technical constraints, developing holistic Big Data architectures and ensuring cybersecurity and data protection. 

Data Science

We have strong competences in Big Data Engineering, Data Science and IPA; we build Big Data platforms and implement ML and AI models in a manner that is repeatable, efficient, scalable, simple and yet secure. We support companies in combinatorial optimization processes with Quantum Computing techniques that enable an engine with high computational performances. 

Work alongside clients

We work alongside clients through the journey to data culture maturity and we offer in house bespoke training to ensure they can realise the full value of their Big Data solution.

MKAI Supporters

Evolve is a Talent Consultancy re-engineering recruitment and enabling the AI revolution. They build great AI and Data teams.

Their model is unique and built around the demands of their customers for fast scaling, flexible, holistic solutions that uncover the best people. They champion the embedded nature of an in-house team with the high performance and reach of an agency.

Their product offerings are genuinely revolutionary and bridge the gap between a transactional relationship and a genuine growth partner. They are bringing high growth talent attraction and retention solutions into the digital age.

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Webtrends Optimize: AB Testing & Website Personalisation

Webtrends Optimize is a powerful, enterprise-grade experimentation platform with a suite of website optimisation tools to enhance your visitors digital experience. Full access to all features is available, as standard, to all users. That means no paywall features, no tiers and no upgrades needed.

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