About MKAI

MKAI is the Artificial Intelligence Community in Milton Keynes. Each month we host an AI Expert Forum which is inclusive and welcoming for everyone with an interest in growing their AI knowledge, skills and network. It is not just for technical people, our main stage presentations by leading keynote speakers share valuable trends and insights at a level that is readily accessible for all.

Each Expert Forum has inspiring keynote speakers on the most pressing AI topics of the day.

Our mission is to progress, promote and connect AI work and put Milton Keynes on the global map for Artificial Intelligence innovation and excellence.

The four pillars of MKAI are:

1.) Connecting and developing AI practitioners and Leaders: through the live events and online community

2.) Creating valuable AI insights: by bringing the best and most up to date AI thought leaders to Milton Keynes

3.) Supporting businesses: to adopt, scale and benefit from ethical AI

4.) Encouraging inclusiveness and gender diversity in AI

We look forward to seeing you at the next MKAI Expert Forum. We meet every month. Please send us a message if you would like to get involved in sponsoring, supporting or speaking at team@mkai.org.

MKAI Steering Group

Richard Foster-Fletcher | Jasial Surana | Tim Teece

MKAI Associates

Bridget Greenwood | Georgina Hodkinson | Ghaith Sankari

Pride in Business

MKAI is proud to support Pride in Business. We live and breathe inclusivity.

Find out more about Pride in Business here