MKAI Inclusive Forum July 2023: ‘OpenAI’ or ‘Open-Source’? The Ethical and Business Considerations of Today’s Generative AI

Missed our live event? Don’t worry! Here’s the replay of our engaging discussion on generative AI in the contemporary business landscape.

Watch as we explore different AI types, the challenges, and opportunities they present, and the crucial factors organizations should consider when choosing between open-source and proprietary AI solutions.

Dive into the concept that AI is not just a binary choice between ‘open’ or ‘closed.’ Discover how the continuum of openness impacts ethics, business viability, and risk management. Learn about instances where closed systems limit external audits, while entirely open systems may lead to potential misuse.

Gain insights into the shifting landscape from mostly open-source to increasingly closed-source AI implementations and its implications on AI democratization. Understand how organizations adapt their approaches to system openness based on their needs and risk tolerance.

Our aim is to help you navigate the complexities of generative AI more efficiently and make informed decisions aligned with your organization’s strategic goals and ethical obligations.

Whether you’re a C-suite executive, business strategist, AI ethicist, IT manager, academic, or policymaker, this replay is essential for understanding the ethical and business implications of generative AI.

Watch now and be part of the dialogue that fosters collaboration for responsible AI implementation. Let’s shape the future of AI together!

Forum Knowledge Sharers:

  • Melanie Moeller, Technology Innovation Leader and Independent Consultant on Emerging Technologies & Open Innovation
  • Yemi Olagbaiye, Director, Client Portfolio at Softwire
  • Dvija Mehta, MPhil Researcher at the Leverhulme Center for the Future of Intelligence
  • Reginald Amudji, Tech Enthusiast | Passionate about Innovation, Emerging Technologies, and Digital Transformation