Register your interest in the upcoming emerging technologies workshops by filling in the short form. Your details will never be shared and only used to invite you to the workshops. The technology workshops are funded by the UK Government and, therefore, are free to attend. They are delivered by MKAI expert facilitators and designed to be highly interactive and directly applicable to business use cases and applications.

The workshops will take place in central Milton Keynes, and everyone is welcome.
Upcoming Workshops: How emerging technologies can help construction and engineering businesses become more environmentally sustainable
Happening September 2022 onwards
Register your interest in the emerging technologies workshops
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MKAI is delighted to be invited by MK College to deliver a series of workshops at the new Milton Keynes College Business Centre that will promote technology adoption in construction and engineering companies.

Across 5 workshops, MKAI will demonstrate the technology-based use cases for how construction and engineering companies can incorporate more sustainability practices including: lowering greenhouse gas emissions, leveraging low carbon solutions and green technologies, promoting a circular economy and reducing waste.

Please fill the form to let us know that you are interested in attending and we'll be in touch. There is no cost to attend since these governments are pre-funded by the UK Government.
Upcoming MKAI Emerging Technology Workshops:
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