Oculus Accounts That Haven't Been Migrated To Meta Accounts Will Be Deleted On March 29

Anyone still using a legacy Oculus account will need to migrate it to a Meta account by the end of the month.

If they don’t, they’ll lose all their purchased apps, games, and DLCs as well as friends, achievements, and other account data on March 29.

Facebook Account Required For New Oculus VR Headsets
From October 2020, Facebook will require anyone using an Oculus device for the first time to log in via a Facebook account. It will no longer be possible to sign-up with a separate Oculus ID. In addition, starting in 2023 the social media giant will end support for existing Oculus

Meta (then Facebook) first announced the end of Oculus accounts almost four years ago in July 2020, a month before launching Quest 2. Instead, new headsets would need to be set up with an active Facebook social media account and existing Oculus account users would have until 2023 to merge a Facebook account, the company said.

Quest 2 Will No Longer Require A Facebook Account From Next Month
Meta headsets will no longer require a Facebook account from next month. In August Meta will “begin rolling out” Meta accounts, which can be used to set up Meta headsets. You’ll still be able to link your Facebook account to your Meta account to message and call Facebook friends

Tying the use of a hardware device to the standing of a social media profile was a widely unpopular decision, and left some users with a paperweight. Responding to this, Meta dropped the Facebook account requirement two years later in August 2022 when the company introduced Meta accounts. Meta accounts are much like traditional Oculus accounts in that they just require an email and password, not a social media profile.

If you still have a legacy Oculus account and haven’t yet migrated it to a Meta account, you can do so with a few clicks on this webpage.