Nreal AR Glasses Now Support PS5, Xbox, Steam Deck

Nreal announces three big updates for its Nreal Air AR hardware.

Nreal, a leading provider of consumer-ready augmented reality (AR) glasses, has announced that the chic-looking Nreal Air glasses now support major video games consoles such as the Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and Steam Deck thanks to a new firmware update. Nreal has also released beta versions of its Nebula app for Mac as well as YouTube AR experiences through its TV app.

This past September, Nreal released its Nreal Air glasses in the US through Amazon, quickly gaining the attention of the gaming community. At the time of launch, the AR glasses were compatible with just the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck using the Nreal Adapter

According to Peng Jin, the company’s co-founder, Nreal Air’s ability to support multiple gaming platforms is a key component of its strategy to serve the community. With the latest firmware update, you can now enjoy playing games on a huge 130” portable HD screen through mirror mode.

Android users will be able to play games on a 201” virtual screen that can easily be fixed spatially into your environment via Nreal Air’s 3-DoF tracking capabilities. Once connected, you’re then able to access Xbox Cloud in AR mode and SteamVR using Wi-Fi streaming.

“We are also making good progress with GeForce Now and expect to bring GeForce Now lovers into AR experiences before year-end,” said Jin in an official release.

Nreal also gave us an early sneak peek at their Nebula for Mac Beta, which turns any Apple M1 or M2 laptop into a super-powered workstation with multi-screen capabilities. You to create and view up to three virtual displays that remain fixed within your real-world space. The app also allows you to drag and drop applications across screens as if they were real monitors. 

Peng Jin noted that the company’s goal is to bring AR experiences to the masses, saying, “We’re excited to offer this solution for Mac users.” This latest update is focused on giving Mac owners a preview of what’s possible.

On top o that, Nreal also announced that they are bringing an AR version of YouTube to their Nreal Air glasses. Designed and built on Nreal’s Spatial Browser and APIs provided by YouTube, the new AR experience features a massive waterfall design that allows users to view all of their favorite YouTube videos in a brand new way.

“This beta is a small step to defining spatial entertainment. We still have a lot of ideas to explore in this area, and I hope people will find this first-look experience entertaining and easy to use,” said Jin.

Nreal Air is available now for $379 via Amazon. You can pick up the Nreal Adapter for an additional $59.

Image Credit: Nreal

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