No Man's Sky Adrift Takes You To A Dangerous Alternative Universe

No Man’s Sky Adrift promises a “very different survival experience,” taking you to a perilous alternative universe in VR today.

Out today as a free update, Adrift offers a more solitary experience by removing all other lifeforms upon entering this alternative world. Adrift ups the challenge by removing shops, traders, shortcuts, and help; sandworms have begun roaming free, fiend eggs are spreading across planets and many structures lie rusted and broken. You can see this in action below.


In a press release, Hello Games confirmed Adrift began development as a new expedition before growing into a full update. You can also find a new ghostly frigate that lets players “recruit a piece of this lonely universe,” while safety can be found through a new Hauler starship called the ‘Iron Vulture.’ For more details, here’s the full patch notes.

Adrift follows two recent notable updates for No Man’s Sky. February introduced the OMEGA Expedition with a new expedition system that integrated with the main game, alongside revisiting the ‘Atlas Path’ story mission. In March, Orbital followed with revamped space stations and full ship customization, the latter of which Adrift is expanding by adding new customization options.

The No Man’s Sky Adrift update is out today on SteamVRPSVR 2 and flatscreen platforms.

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