New Mod Brings The Popular Survival Game Raft To VR

The popular survival crafting experience looks even more stressful in VR.

A new mod lets you play the popular ocean survival game Raft in VR. In this unique open water crafting experience, players find themselves floating across the sea on a tiny plank of wood. A small hook can be used to fish for food and collect random scrap from the ocean to build more complex floating shelters.

The survival adventure game also has you exploring strange islands where you can find more supplies to turn your janky wooden raft into something a little more luxurious. Just be careful; some islands have mysterious structures fraught with danger as well as nasty wildlife.

Such threats include exotic birds dropping rocks on your head, blood-thirsty bears, and mean-looking pufferfish eager to sting you as you swim back to your raft. There are also puzzles you can solve to unlock additional mysteries.

Oh yeah, and there are sharks. Big ones. 

Raft was first introduced back in 2018 and has since evolved into a rich and engaging survival crafting experience, attracting a dedicated playerbase of PC gamers in the process.

This new flatscreen to VR mod, created by VR modder DrBibop—who is best known for his Risk of Rain 2 VR mod—takes the experience to the next level. The mod introduces full 6DoF movement both seated and standing. The mod also features support for online multiplayer. That way you can be lost at sea with a friend.

The mod is still a work-in-progress, so expect a few hiccups here and there. You can use your arms to throw your hook and collect scrap, paddle your way to your boat, and defend yourself from animals that might be attacking you.

The YouTube channel Eurogamer reviewed the VR mod, saying, “This is the first iteration of the mod and it’s currently in testing mode, so there’s a few wonky bits in there, but as you’ll soon see, I had a whale of a time with the game!”

“What struck me initially about this mod was how it made the experience of being lost at sea way scarier than it was in flat. Perhaps it’s the way the ocean stretches out into the distance so you can now really feel the isolating loneliness. Or maybe it’s the way that you can sense the terrifying depths of the endless waters below you.”

DrBibop’s Raft VR mod is available now through his Patreon page for a small fee of one month’s membership, but if you are patient you can get it for free once he’s finished with the mod.

Image Credit: Axolot Games

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