New Apple Immersive Video Content Is Coming, Including A Scripted Short Film

A plethora of new Apple Immersive Video content is coming, including a scripted short film from the director of All Quiet on the Western Front.

What Is Apple Immersive Video?

The Apple Immersive Video format is 180-degree video with 8K resolution, stereoscopic 3D, and spatial audio. It’s served from the Apple TV+ subscription service with much higher bitrate than many other immersive video platforms.

We highly praised Apple Immersive Video in our Vision Pro review. It’s not possible to cast or record Apple Immersive Video though, so you’ll have to take our word for it unless you have access to a Vision Pro.

At WWDC24 Apple announced that Vision Pro will soon launch outside the US, and unveiled visionOS 2 with new features and key improvements for the headset. But Apple also revealed new Apple Immersive Video content is coming for Apple TV+ subscribers.


Currently there are seven total Apple Immersive Videos (excluding the Experience Immersive trailer which is a highlight reel of them):

Prehistoric Planet Immersive: a series from award-winning director Jon Favreau, based on his existing traditional Apple TV+ series Prehistoric Planet.Episode 1: Pterosaur BeachEpisode 2: Triceratops ForestAdventure: a series that follows extreme sports athletes on various challenges around the world.Episode 1: HighliningEpisode 2: ParkourWild Life: a series that brings you right next to some of the most unique animals on Earth, narrated by expertsEpisode 1: RhinosAlicia Keys: Rehearsal Room: a short documentary offering a behind-the-scenes look at an Alicia Keys rehearsal session.2023 MLS Cup HighlightsThe Apple Immersive Video launch lineup.

At WWDC24 Apple revealed the following future Apple Immersive Video content is coming:

The next episode of Adventure:Ice DivingThe two next episodes of Wild Life:ElephantsSharksA new series called Boundless:Hot Air BalloonsArctic SurfingA new series called Elevated:MaineHawaiiA new series from Red Bull focusing on “extreme sports”A short from The WeekndA new series called Concerts for OneCombat Ready (Apple didn’t say whether this is a series or short)Submerged: the first ever scripted Apple Immersive Video short film from Oscar-winning director Edwin Berger (All Quiet on the Western Front)The poster for Submerged, the upcoming scripted short film from the director of All Quiet on the Western Front.

To allow other companies to film, edit, and produce Apple Immersive Video, Apple also announced a partnership with Blackmagic Design, the Australian camera hardware and editing software company behind DaVinci Resolve.

Apple Announces Tools For Immersive Video & Spatial Videos
Apple and partners announced tools to enable professional production of Spatial Video and Apple Immersive Video.

We’ve been extremely impressed with the quality of Apple Immersive Video so far, and with enough content in future it could eventually be a major selling point for Apple Vision Pro and future Vision headsets.