Netflix’s Squid Game Is Coming To Sandbox VR Arcades

Ever wonder how long you’d last in Squid Game? Now’s your chance.

Sandbox VR, a leading provider of location-based VR experiences, is partnering with streaming giant Netflix to develop a “fully immersive” VR experience based on the hit South Korean television series Squid Game.

What do you get when you cross Netflix’s most groundbreaking series with the world’s most advanced virtual reality? We’ll give you a hint… Squid Game x Sandbox VR is happening later this year!

— Sandbox VR (@SandboxVR) February 8, 2023

According to Venture Beat, the multiplayer experience will pit players against one another as they compete in a variety of unique challenges inspired by Squid Game. Much like the show, players will be continuously eliminated until only one contestant remains standing. At the end of the experience, players can watch a video highlighting their journey throughout the competition.

“Our mission is to bring people closer together through world-class immersive experiences,” said Sandbox VR CEO Steve Zhao during an interview with Venture Beat. “What could be a more perfect fit than Squid Game, the most widely shared and discussed television series of the past years. It’s an amazing opportunity to partner with Netflix to provide these fans the chance to transport themselves into the world of the show.”

Credit: Netflix, Sandbox VR

Sandbox’s Squid Game VR experience is scheduled to launch in late 2023 and will join six other location-based VR experiences currently available at various Sandbox locations around the world. This includes Star Trek: Discovery, a free-roam sci-fi adventure in which you and your friends explore alien worlds in search of a lost Starfleet ship, as well as Deadwood Valley, a VR zombie-shooter with multiple endings.

For more information about Sandbox VR visit their official website. There you can learn more about the company’s other VR experiences as well as find the closest location near you.

Feature Image Credit: Netflix, Sandbox VR

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