Neon Squad Tactics Promises Cyberpunk VR Action Strategy On Quest

Neon Squad Tactics, a new VR turn-based strategy game, arrives today on Quest.

Developed by Tin Man Games, Neon Squad Tactics takes us to a cyberpunk metropolis called UltraCity. Playable solo or in online co-op for up to four players, it tasks you with carrying out missions for powerful corporations as you navigate a neon-lit underworld. Projecting your consciousness onto a holographic table, you form a group of cybernetic heroes called ‘NEON Squad’.

Detailed on the store page, Neon Squad Tactics requires pre-mission planning to succeed as you secure resources and credits. New squad members are recruitable throughout, and you can also craft more advanced weaponry and cybernetic enhancements. Each unit also includes unique skills and abilities, meaning you must pick carefully before proceeding.

Neon Squad Tactics is out now on the Meta Quest platform, and a Steam release will follow “later this year.” We’ll bring you our full review soon.