MLB Home Run Derby VR Scores A Quest Store Release Date

MLB Home Run Derby VR brings baseball to the main Quest Store this month, nearly three years after reaching App Lab.

Released six years ago on PC VR and PSVR, MLB Home Run Derby VR recreates the titular home run-hitting competition across all 30 major league ballparks. In a press release, Major League Baseball (MLB) states this upcoming relaunch promises big updates such as a new 100-level progression system and “a cascade of customization rewards,” unlocking cosmetic items like bat skins, ball trails and more by earning new achievements.

Other changes include a fully customizable online clubhouse and trophy room, letting you personalise this to match your favourite team’s colors while also displaying your in-game awards. Finally, MLB confirms it’s also expanding the existing online multiplayer, doubling capacity by introducing eight-player tournaments.

MLB: Home Run Derby VR reaches the main Meta Quest store on March 28. It’s currently available on PlayStation VR2, Quest App Lab and Steam.