MKAI To Hold Inclusive Global AI Ethics and Safety People’s Summit

Milton Keynes, England, 9 october 2023

The Global AI Ethics and Safety People’s Summit is scheduled for 1st November in Bletchley, UK and it aims to increase diverse inputs and listen to multi-stakeholder voices in discussions surrounding AI risks.

The summit scheduled for 1st November in Bletchley, UK aims to increase diverse inputs and listen to multi-stakeholder voices in discussions surrounding AI risks.

Milton Keynes, UK – 9th October 2023 – MKAI (Morality and Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence), a leading organisation in AI ethics, is pleased to announce the Inclusive Global AI Ethics and Safety People’s Summit. Scheduled for 1st November 2023 in Bletchley, UK at the new South Central Institute of Technology, this summit serves to augment the UK Government’s Global AI Safety Summit in also happening in Bletchley, Milton Keynes. MKAI recognises that other events around AI Safety will be able to accommodate limited numbers, which is why its summit will accommodate 50% more attendees and offer a free, open live stream. Therefore, the event will provide a platform for diverse voices on the topic of AI who otherwise may not be heard. This will enable global participation, inviting all who are interested to engage in crucial conversations about Global AI Ethics and Safety. The underlying principle is clear: unless we are all OK, none of us are OK and, with AI affecting everyone, we are looking to provide a voice to all people.

The global MKAI AI Ethics and Safety People’s Summit aims to foster a comprehensive, multi-stakeholder dialogue on AI ethics and safety. The event will focus on inclusivity, transparency, and actionable solutions, contributing to the responsible development and deployment of AI technologies.

What Sets This Summit Apart

The MKAI Global AI Ethics and Safety People’s Summit places a strong emphasis on fostering an inclusive and transparent dialogue. We believe that the ethical and safety dimensions of AI are too critical to be left to a select few – hence we are aiming to include the many. Our summit is designed to be a democratic platform where every voice — be it from academia, government, industry, or the community — is welcome and can be heard and valued.

Summit Objectives

  1. Inclusive Dialogue: We want everyone, not just experts and politicians, but also local businesses and regular people, to have a say in how AI should be safe.
  2. DEI in AI: We’ll look closely at how fair and equal AI is right now and find ways to make it better for everyone, no matter who or where they are.
  3. Transparency and Accountability: We’ll figure out ways to make AI more transparent and hold companies responsible when they don’t do the right thing with it and/or putting profit before people.
  4. Public Awareness: We’ll help regular folks understand the good and bad sides of AI, so we can all make smart decisions about it.
  5. Collaborative Solutions: We’ll work together with the government, schools, and businesses to make sure AI is good for everyone and solves real problems.

Who Can Attend the Summit

The event will accommodate 150 attendees on-site in the UK while extending an open invitation to individuals from all 195 countries to participate via live stream. Expert speakers will attend in person where feasible, and remotely otherwise. To ensure global accessibility, the event will be recorded and made available for replay, allowing those hindered by time zone differences to engage with the content. Comments from replay viewers will also be welcomed and considered.

Summit Registation Page

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