The Inclusive Artificial Intelligence Community

MKAI stands for Morality and Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence. We are an inclusive community of diverse thinkers that, together, are shaping the future of Ethical Artificial Intelligence, Web3 and the Metaverse. Our diversity is our strength.

Our vision is to connect diverse minds and deliver impactful community-led projects that make new technologies more inclusive, accessible and rooted in sustainable human values.

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Learn how we harness Diverse Inputs and unique lived experiences to identify and mitigate AI RIsks

MKAI has developed a unique method to gather insights from our diverse collective of AI risk identification stakeholders. This group of individuals, originating from all over the globe, have been on-boarded and educated in AI, AI risks and AI ethics so that they can recognise potential risks and harms. We use our deep experience of hosting psychologically safe spaces, creating equity and promoting inclusion to allow us to uncover individuals' lived experiences.

Access our AI Ethics Expert Network

The world of AI ethics and responsible AI can be difficult for organisations and institutions to navigate. With so many laws, rules, options and pitfalls, it makes sense to speak to the experts. MKAI has invited the world's leading experts in AI from consultancies, academia and industry to join our expert network. In doing so they are making themselves directly available to organisations that need to learn more about the methods, best practices and activities needed to be compliant, responsible and ethical.

Services for Governments

Governments must also pursue digital and data diplomacy; this includes active participation in local and global debates about this technology's uses, limits, and ethics. Furthermore, they must insist on attaching responsible, ethical AI to the objectives. The risks associated with AI, such as harms, prejudices, exclusions and biases, require MKAI works with Governments to promote the responsible design, development, and use of AI and ensure their citizens are safe and protected whilst the country is still competitive.

Services for Companies

MKAI works with both small and large companies to help develop and shape the communications and leadership mindset for ethical AI. We help businesses progress towards responsible and ethical deployments of artificial intelligence calling on the latest research, global policies and best practices.

Our Values

1. Championing diversity and inclusion in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has had a diversity disaster that has contributed to flawed systems that perpetuate gender and racial biases. MKAI acknowledges the gravity of the situation and is committed to including diverse contributors to everything we do.

2. Supporting AI developments that integrate the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We believe that organisations globally must develop artificial intelligence that goes further than just creating profit. MKAI wants to see all organisations and companies factoring the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into their development and innovation.

3. Operating with transparency and fairness

As a contributing organisation to global artificial intelligence developments, MKAI is committed to being transparent about our aims, objectives and projects. We seek to recognise and credit each person or organisation that works for us or with us as fairly as possible.

4. Creating awareness that AI, where possible, should be explainable, transparent, fair and ethical

We believe that organisations globally should aim to create explainable and provable AI models and systems that are ethical, understandable and legal. We seek to help organisations routinely test for bias in data and algorithms. MKAI believes that it is also important to find a balance between AI innovation and respect for end users.

5. Advocating for data privacy, AI governance and open, clear and objective standards

We are constantly exposed to the societal challenges associated with biases in data, digital invasions of privacy, and invisible black-box AI algorithms that make decisions about our lives and whether we can access opportunities. Our organisational mission is to integrate sustainable human values into artificial intelligence.